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Child Care Costs

This is a big decision for your family. The best way to get you the information you need is to speak directly with the center director in your neighborhood, so you can explain your individual needs. Your Center Director will help guide you through our invaluable programs and affordable pricing.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what the tuition will be for your family. Child care costs will vary based on your situation. Childcare for babies and toddlers is generally costlier than older age groups because kids this age need more hands-on care and so the center must hire more caregivers. Costs for daycare for preschool-age children are generally lower and there are several free or reduced priced preschool programs available at Kiddie Care through grants from the Department of Children Affairs. Finally, childcare costs depend on how many hours your children need care each week.

Schedule a visit if you'd like to talk with the center director.